HR Consulting

PHRS can help you establish performance standards and set measurable goals for your workforce so you can manage expectations and increase productivity.

Ensure your HR action plans are in sync with your business goals.


From inception to performance management, PHRS has helped dozens of businesses build their workforce, measure productivity and maximize efficiency.

We can assist you in establishing HR practices that comply with current labor mandates and regulations,meet industry standards and clearly define your business’performance goals. Email us at [email protected] or  call 671-637-6906/7/8 or log onto our website at today.

PHRS can help you develop policies and practices that lay the foundation for success.

Services for newly formed businesses include:

Employee Handbook Development:

An employee handbook protects your business by defining employment expectations and clearly outlining workplace policies; allowing for better organizational performance and employee assessment. 

PHRS can help your business develop an employee handbook that clearly articulates labor laws, personnel policies and procedures for pay and benefits, grievance processes and professional conduct.

Job Analysis and Classification:
A clear understanding of the skills, knowledge and performance expectations are essential to finding the right person for the right job.

Job analysis is the foundation for all assessment and selection decisions.  Job analysis data is used to establish the competencies required for a position and identify the tasks and skills associated with the job.  Clear and specific expectations at the time of hire and assessments also reduce employer exposure to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaints or grievances. 

EEO Affirmative Action Plan (AAP):
An employer’s EEO - Affirmative Action Plan includes policies, practices, and procedures that ensure all qualified applicants and employees are receiving equal opportunity for recruitment, selection, advancement, and every other privilege associated with employment.   Many small and mid-sized businesses do not have the in-house human resources expertise to develop, maintain and implement a comprehensive EEO Affirmative Action Plan. Often, they will resort to a template plan designed to cover the bare minimum requirements.

PHRS can help you assess your federally required EEO/AAP plan, customize it to your business and protect you from any unnecessary exposure to complaints and violations.  We also provide internal auditing as means of measuring progress toward achieving this plan.

Workplace Efficiency and Output:
PHRS offers personnel management expertise in restructuring and transforming businesses into high-performing organizations.

Performance Management:
Performance management is a critical and often overlooked tool to help keep up with industry standards and help maximize a business’return on investment.  Performance evaluation tools are not just a means of measuring current output, it is a motivator to engage employees in the process of planning their individual training and career advancement plans.  PHRS can help your business establish performance management strategies designed to assess and improve organizational workflow.

Transitional Worker Assistance:
When economic realities require reductions in workforce, how a company implements a lay-off plan can be as critical to a business’ long-term health as the cost reduction itself.  In our small community, a compassionate reduction plan that offers as much assistance to dislocated workers will help minimize impact to the business reputation and customer response to such layoffs.

PHRS assists employers to address the process of downsizing and/or a reduction in force. We also provide transitional services to displaced employees by assisting with expanded skills training and resources. These services include but not limited to skills assessments, resume writing, interview preparation, counseling, job search assistance and follow up after placement.


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